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Business Council for Global Development

Responsible Business for Inclusive Development.

We educate and actively support capacity building programs that advance sustainable and inclusive development.

We convene diverse leaders from business, government, and civil society in order to develop programs and policies for better development outcomes through international trade and investment.

Improved and Expanded Development Financing

BCGD successfully advocated for congressional passage of The Better Utilization of Investments Leading to Development (BUILD) Act, of 2018, which was signed into law by the President on October 4. The BUILD Act created a new development finance agency that is helping American exporters, workers, investors and entrepreneurs support economic development and reduce poverty, by making successful investments in developing and fragile countries. The spending cap for available development financing is more than doubled to $60 billion. BCGD engaged in its own advocacy for the BUILD Act and joined with other civil society organizations and thought leaders, including in the joint statement linked here.

Advocacy for Human Rights

BCGD leads and manages the Business Coalition for ILAB, which successfully advocated for full funding of the Department of Labor’s human rights grant programs. BCGD submitted letters, briefers and testimony, briefed Members of Congress and staff, and otherwise engaged in comprehensive bipartisan advocacy. Legislation appropriating full funding of ILAB grant programs was signed into law by the President for both fiscal years 2018 and 2019.

The Department of Labor’s international bureau (ILAB) provides grants that advance labor law compliance and support the fight against human trafficking, gender-based violence, modern slavery, child labor and other labor abuses around the world. Current ILAB grants support programs in sectors ranging from electronics to agriculture and services.