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Business Council for Global Development

We are a coalition of global businesses dedicated to advancing sustainable and inclusive economic development.

BCGD is at the forefront of advancing capacity building for developing countries.  We create new alliances and partnerships.  Through these alliances, we advance global trade and development strategies for global prosperity and opportunity.

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BCGD & Alliance Trade and Hunger Series

BCGD partnered with the Alliance to End Hunger to host a briefing and discussion with leading NGOs on trade policy and global food security.

BCGD Hill briefing on Women’s Empowerment

The Business Council for Global Development (BCGD) and Gap Inc. recently held a briefing on Capitol Hill focusing on global women’s empowerment and how it intersects with and impacts the trade and development agenda, including the recently concluded Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.


Policy Forum Dinners on Global Trade and Economic Development; Regular programs featuring Members of Congress, Administration officials, business and NGO leaders.


BCGD sends out a bi-monthly update to keep our trustees and partners informed.
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